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Celebrant Centre Helps Improve Your Skills

Maintenance and improvement of your skills ensures you are complying with the Code of Practice, where point 2 states ‘A marriage celebrant must maintain a high standard of service in his or her professional conduct and practice.  This standard is best managed by regular review and updating of your ceremonial knowledge and skills. The books and manuals available from the Celebrant Centre are the best in their field, and, along with some additional non-compulsory training, will help you to be the best celebrant you can be.

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Th Final Cer & Celeb CD
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PUB001 : Ceremonies and Celebrations by Dally Messenger - $30

PUB034 : Ceremonies and Celebrations Book and CD package - $45

PUB019 : Ceremonial Public Speaking by Jane Day - $35

Th Final How to Perf

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PUB008 : How to Perform Under Pressure by Jane Day - $30

PUB010 : Winning Your Audience by Jane Day - $25

PUB040 : Marketing Made Easy for Celebrants by Anita Revell - $35

Th Final ABC Compass CD



DVD004 : Introduction to Celebrancy, including a rehearsal and a wedding - $30



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